Rescuing and helping suffering animals is at the very core of Help in Suffering and has been since 1980. On average HIS receives about 10,000 call a year about suffering animals and we rescue about 6000 animals needing treatment and care at the HIS hospital compound. HIS rescues animals that have been in accidents on the roads, hit by trains, some are sick with serious diseases such as distemper; some have cancers; many dogs have mange; some animals fall into open drains and wells and need rescuing. More than 40% of our budget is spent on rescuing and treating animals and Help in Suffering Rescue Teams are out doing this from early morning to late night every day. Our skilled and dedicated teams provide immediate relief where they can and carry the rescued animal in our ambulance to our hospital. We have 6 ambulances for smaller animals and 1 large ambulance with hydraulic ramp for camels, horses, donkeys and cattle. Rescued animals remain in our hospital receiving treatment until recovered when they are released, adopted, sent to gaushalas (cow shelters) in the case of cattle, or returned to guardians as appropriate.

Re-homing / Adoption Programme – We always have puppies, kittens and other animals that require new, loving caring home. We have a fully streamlined adoption and fostering process with counselling, training and monitoring to help new families care for their new family member. What’s more, we offer a lifetime of care for adopted pets at our Veterinary (OPD) Clinic. Fostering is a particularly valuable and rewarding way to help our work by taking a recovering animal out of our hospital and helping it to fully recover by caring for it in your home.