To promote animal welfare in Jaipur and beyond

For many years Help in Suffering has promoted improved animal welfare by encouraging, advising, training and educating others interested in welfare our methods, training our own staff, encouraging students, or writing reports of our work for publication. 

Early in this century we received a grant from the Humane Society International (HSI) to help us help other groups to develop their skills. After the expiry of this grant, we have tried to continue to help others improve, and by doing so we hope we also improve in knowledge and skills.

Help in Suffering staff have helped in training sessions held by the AWBI and others and have participated in various courses and workshops. We encourage veterinary students to gain experience with us. We strongly promote teamwork so that we may learn from each other.

Help in Suffering has added to the formal body of scientific literature, mainly about ABC matters and street dog biology, and in contributing to publications such as the Animal Welfare Board of India’s Standard Operating Procedures for ABC work.